Q: Why do I need an accountant for my business when there are many user-friendly tax and accounting programs on the market?

The programs on the market now are great! But using them without having knowledge of accounting could be detrimental. Although the programs are easy to use and are cost-effective nothing is able to take the place of a knowledgeable accountant.

Q: What is Project Debt Free?

A: Project Debt Free is a program by which individuals can be rescued from the snare of overwhelming debt. We will show you how to get on the road to debt freedom step by step taking you carefully through the process.

Q: I would like to start a business; can The Towles Group help me?

A: Of course we can! We will help you decide the appropriate business structure for your situation, process all the required paperwork, setup your accounting system and maintain your accounting records throughout the year for a reasonable fee.

Q: I am having serious tax trouble; I think my current tax preparerer is doing something wrong can I be helped?

There is always help in this type of situation. The Towles Group will review your tax returns for the year(s) in question to see if your preparerer was aggressive in the deductions taken on your behalf. If we find that the preparerer could have been a bit more aggressive then we will amend your return(s) for the year(s) in question.

Q: In a day of accounting fraud, how do I know that The Towles Group is a legitimate help to my organization?

Many things can go wrong when you are working with someone you do not know. The Towles Group believes that you can be assured we handle accounting issues properly by asking our current clients questions about our services.

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